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If you have made an app, you may be excited to show it to the world. The first step would be to publish your app on the Play Store, making it available to interested users. However, that is just one part of your new journey. The next critical step is to project your app in such a manner that it grabs the target audience's attention and compels them to download it on their device. There are various ways to promote and market your published app, including social media marketing, employing referral campaigns and creating feedback channels among others. However, one method that has the quickest turn-around and proven effectiveness is to buy Android App installs. Let’s see how buying Android App Installs can benefit you. We have also outlined the process through which you can safely and conveniently buy installs for your app.

Why are Android App Installs Important?

Getting app installs is an important metric for any Android app. It is a key indicator of an app's success, as they show the number of people who have actually downloaded or used your app. Having more installs on your app can lead to a higher ranking in the Google Play Store search results, which can lead to more organic downloads. Additionally, it can help to build credibility with potential users, as a large number of downloads can demonstrate the app's quality and usefulness.

It is also an important factor for app monetization, as more people using an app can lead to more in-app purchases or ad revenue. It is why app developers focus on using app optimization and ensure that their app dominates the platform. Buying Android App installs is a sure and quick way to ensure that the app stays on the user's phone for a long time. It gives an instant boost to the download rate, hence impacting the app's ranking in the Google Play Store. Here are the reasons why this is the right choice for you

Reasons to Buy Android App Installs

Buying Android App installs is a quick way to achieve what an organic growth strategy strives for. You may be offering better features than your competitors, but if you cannot promote your app and reach out to potential customers, you will not make it big in the Google Play Store. Still not convinced? Here are a few benefits you can enjoy if you purchase Android App Installs.

Boost Your App Ranking

The Google Play Store is highly competitive, and if you want to beat the massive competition to gain dominance, you must have an effective promotional plan in place. Your app ranking plays a significant role in this regard. When a user is browsing applications, the first thing they notice is the frequency of installations, which have a direct impact on your app’s relative position. When your application gets more downloads, it automatically climbs the ranking ladder.

Grow App Visibility

The number of installations will directly impact your app's popularity. App stores like Google Play Store have similar search engine procedures as Google. There is a never-ending choice of apps on the platform, with thousands of additions every day and the ones that are more prominent are preferred over others. Hence unless your app is visible, it does not exist for potential users. When more people download your app, it will automatically be pushed to the front page of the Play Store as the search engine’s algorithm recognizes you and considers your app trustworthy. This will prompt more people to download your app. As a result, it will increase your app’s visibility, increase its outreach to a broader audience and generate more organic traffic.

Rise in App Installs

When you buy Android app installs, it will lead to a manifold increase in your app usage. When your app is installed a certain number of times, other users may also get interested and be willing to try it. A higher number of downloads would lead to a boost in your ranking, leading people to prefer your app over other relevant but lower-ranked apps.

Increase your App Reviews and Ratings

When you pay for installs, you get an intelligent marketing plan that can help make your app successful. Hence it is not a short-term strategy that offers momentarily benefits only. Buying app installs can help you succeed in the long run, as your overall ratings will improve through positive reviews and higher ratings. A trusted service provider will provide you with app installs that can help you maintain a good image and improve your app’s organic outreach, enabling you to generate more traffic. These organic users may offer reviews that can further your cause. In return, you can increase your revenue generation.

Grow Your Audience

Buying Android app installs helps you promote your app to a larger audience. You can achieve fast placement with the Play Store algorithm and establish a credible reputation for your app with potential customers. They will be encouraged by the solid number of app downloads and will be interested in trying it out. Hence you will get the much-needed boost to promote your app to a wider audience and increase your number of installs. If you want to buy Android App installs, it is important to ensure that you engage the services of a trusted service provider. Buy Real Media can assist you in increasing your app's organic reach and help you promote your application on Google's Play Store.

Why Buy Android App Installs from Buy Real Media?

When you use our services, we will not only make your app more visible on Google's Play Store but will also enable you to establish a credible image of your app. Here is how you can benefits from our service.

Installs from Real People

We can enable you to promote your app to the right target audience and ensure you get the wider organic reach you want from buying Android installs. We deliver real installs to help you boost your rank, get more organic traffic and achieve success. Hence, when you buy app downloads, you will get more unique installs and more real users. We will also offer reviews.

Retention Rate

When you buy Android App Installs from Buy Real Media, you will instantly get a better ranking and significant success. Our installs come from people who will continue to use your app for a long time. Unlike other services that employ bots that may negatively impact your ranking in the Play Store, our services are built to last. We employ real people to facilitate a boost in your ranking and improve its reach.

Affordable Prices

Buy Real Media offers the best prices in the market and caters to different customer needs and budgeting limitations. We have a wide range of cost-effective packages such as 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000 with prices starting as low as $23. If you have a confined budget, you can buy a package that suits your needs and budget.

Never Ask For Personal Information

We never ask for any kind of personal information and respect your data privacy and safety. Buy Real Media provides a trustworthy, safe, easy, and hassle-free method of buying app installs. We strongly believe in protecting private data and encourage you to avoid giving your credentials to third parties. Rest assured, we will not ask for any personal information or your password.

Secure Payment Methods

Your data security is our utmost priority, and we have incorporated strong virtual and physical security systems to make your transactions 100% safe, regardless of the payment method. You can choose to pay via stripe using Visa, MasterCard or Discover card. We also accept payment in the form of cryptocurrency and the best part is all our payments are SSL encrypted.

Excellent Customer Service

Success in social media services is defined by customer trust and the way we serve our clients. Whether you need assistance with a certain service or have some query, you can contact our customer support to get assistance right there and then. Our customer representatives are available to offer quick responses and support for your queries and concerns.

How to Buy Android App Installs from Us?

Buying Android app installs from Buy Real Media is a fairly simple procedure. We offer a structured form you can quickly fill out and place your order for app installs.

  • The first requirement in the form is to ‘Select Android App Installs Type’. You can opt for ‘Regular’ app installs or ‘Search Keywords’. If you opt for search keywords, we will inform the users to search for the requisite keywords in the play store, locate your app and install it on their devices. You will also need to provide the search keyword in this case.
  • Now ‘Select Target Country’. For the search keyword option, we offer installs from worldwide. You can select the worldwide, UK, US, or Canada for regular installs.
  • Now ‘Enter your Android App Link’, which we can forward to the users.
  • Once you have filled out the details, check the form and click ‘ADD TO CART’ if you want to continue shopping or ‘BUY NOW’ to proceed to the payment section and check out using our secure payment system.

When it comes to buying Android app installs, it is best to opt for someone with the relevant experience and expertise. We would be thrilled to assist you in achieving successful growth of your Android app. Buy Android app installs today to increase the number of installations on your app and enjoy a better ranking on Google Play Store.

Buying Android App Installs: Frequently Asked Questions


Will Anyone Know I Purchased Android App Install?

When you buy app installs from Buy Real Media, we provide real users who boost your download count organically and will maintain a high retention rate. We will keep your information private and maintain your order’s confidentiality so no one will find out.

Can I Get Banned For Buying Android App Installs?

No, you will not get banned for buying Android App installs from Buy Real Media. When you place your order, we work with our network of real users to install the app. These are legit active users who help drive traffic organically, so the process is legitimate.

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