According to a survey conducted by Apptentive, 59% of app users check ratings and reviews before downloading a new app. Of course, due to the prominence of reviews and ratings on the Google Play store, the other 41% are still exposed to positive reviews (and negative reviews) the instant they click on the app.

From star ratings to the number of downloads to the total number of reviews, these metrics are the primary method by which an Android app is evaluated. If you're a developer, you obviously want your app to be as popular as possible.

An easy way that you can accomplish this is to buy Android reviews on the Google Play store. Now, you'll probably have a lot of questions about how this works and why it's important. That's why we're going to discuss how this service works (and why it works) below.

Ratings and Reviews on the Play Store

App developers can do their very best to promote their products, but when it comes down to getting their app in the hands of customers, they need a platform like Google Play or the Apple App Store. Of course, there is tons of competition on these platforms, with literally millions of apps trying to achieve as many downloads as possible.

When it comes to standing out, app ranking and app reviews are the best options. Unfortunately, Google does not allow developers to incentivize customers to leave Android app reviews. This makes it very difficult to get more app reviews than the competition. This has led many companies to seek out ways to buy Android app reviews to boost their visibility and their daily download rate.

Importance of Google Play Store Reviews

As mentioned in the intro, app reviews are one of the primary indicators of an application's popularity and success. But it's not just the quality of the reviews that matter; it's the total number. For instance, having 500 glowing app reviews doesn't mean half as much as having 250,000 app reviews where only 90% are positive.

This is because people don't just look at positive reviews before purchasing or downloading — they look at overall popularity. Then, there's the platform itself. Like everything the company does, the Google Play market is designed to be as "hands-off" as possible.

This means that rankings are largely controlled by a set of algorithms that place applications in order from the best to the worst. And what criteria do these algorithms use to perform this raking? You guessed it: new users, number of downloads, the number of people who leave reviews, and the overall quality of those reviews.

In short: providing good service to your customers is important, but getting them to write quality reviews is even more valuable to your app's success.

Getting Google Play Store Reviews

There are nearly 2 million apps downloaded from the Google Play Store each month. This is good news as it shows how profitable this market can be, but it also indicates the level of saturation your app needs to overcome to stand out.

So, while having a good marketing plan for your Android app is certainly valuable, learning how to collect and cultivate Android app reviews is even more important. The best way to get Android app reviews is to purchase them outright from real users.

Of course, you can wait for reviews to come in organically, but with only 1–2% of users leaving a review per 1000 downloads, it's going to be a long time before your app climbs to the top of the rankings.

What are the Benefits of Buying App Reviews?

With professional ratings and authentic Android reviews coming in on a daily basis, you will be increasing your app's visibility in the marketplace, thus improving your chances of earning a profit. Our team is unique in that we focus on providing high ratings and excellent Android app reviews from actual users, not bots, clones, or dummy accounts.

We also aim to provide each Android review at a fair price. Here's what you get with each purchase.

  • When you buy reviews, it increases the number of people who have downloaded your app displayed in the store.
  • Since we provide real Android reviews, we do not violate any of Google's policies. This means you don't need to worry about Google punishing you by lowering your app's ranking.
  • All of our reviews are professionally written, informative, and trustworthy.

We've designed our service to provide guaranteed results to all of our customers. As each good review contributes to your app's ranking, you will begin to notice your app's visibility and Play store placement increasing.

And, since each positive review is designed to be both comprehensive and informative, you'll notice downloads increasing as well — directly contributing to your profitability.

The Problem of Fake Reviews

Google is well aware that there are services out there that enable developers to buy Google Play reviews. As such, it closely monitors mobile app reviews for signs of bots, fake accounts, or other suspicious activity.

If you want to buy app reviews but are new to the whole process, you might find yourself reluctant to take the risk, which is totally understandable. However, with our service, you need to understand that you're not buying anything fake.

We provide real Google Play Reviews from real Google Play users. These are individuals in our network that we hire to download apps and write custom reviews on the developer's behalf. As such, we are completely invisible to the Google Play Store's monitoring services and do not violate any of the company's policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I Buy Play Store Reviews?

App reviews in the Google Play Store are the primary indicator of an app's popularity, which translates into its potential for success and profitability. When you buy Google Play reviews, you are directly increasing the number of downloads while also improving the number of people who write reviews of your product. This can be helpful for many reasons, including:
1) Positive reviews can help reverse any bad reviews that might be hurting your app ranking.
2) Having more reviews shows the algorithms that operate the Android app marketplace that your app is growing in popularity and should, therefore, be ranked higher.
3) Positive reviews tell other users that your app is worth downloading, which can drastically affect your organic app reviews, contributing to organic reviews, ratings, and overall growth.

How Do You Buy Android Reviews on Google Play?

We offer a variety of different packages and price points for our clients to choose from. Each is designed to provide a number of five-star ratings, app installs, and positive reviews over a short span of time.

Simply visit our website, select the service that best fits your needs or budget, and complete all of the user information. We only need to know which Android app you want our users to support, and we will begin app promotion as soon as payment is complete.

Why Us?

We are the leading provider of affordable, high-quality, and authentic Google store reviews on the internet. Our reviews service is highly rated, 100% guaranteed, and completely safe.

Not only do we give you the opportunity to erase the effects that bad reviews might have on your profitability, but we can supply an endless amount of good reviews to boost your app rating and help you maximize your competitiveness.

How can I Improve My Google Play Store Ranking?

Reviews are one of the primary ways that the Google Store evaluates and ranks the apps on the market. Google services are largely automated, so the goal of increasing your Android ratings is to prove to the algorithm that your app is increasing in popularity.

Google's AI is constantly evaluating both app reviews and app downloads to identify trends. If your app gets lots of reviews in a very short period of time, the AI will see that as a surge in popularity and begin app promotion on your behalf. One of the primary ways it does this is by increasing your app's rankings in the store.

Is it safe to buy Android Reviews?

When you buy Android app reviews from us, you are getting a completely safe, 100% guaranteed service. While other companies use bots and fake accounts to provide their services, we only provide 100% real reviews from real users.

This not only ensures you get top-quality, natural-sounding, and well-worded reviews, but it means that our service does not in any way violate any of Google's policies. We are untraceable, safe, and completely legal! Of course, if you have any additional questions, you are welcome to contact our support team at any time. We are available 24/7.

How is the Android App Reviews delivered?

Once you place an order and your payment is confirmed, we will contact the members of our review team and provide them with your Android app link.

Depending on the number of reviews you order, we will spread the downloads over the course of several days or more, ensuring that the sudden surge in user reviews does not cause any 'red flags' as far as the algorithm is concerned.

The goal here is to indicate that your app is increasing in popularity so that it gets a much higher ranking. However, we do not wish to trigger the AI's suspicion, as it might lower the ranking instead.

Do You Provide a Guarantee on Your Services?

At Buy Real Media, we believe there is no better promotion than a happy customer. We want our clients to buy Google Play reviews from us many times over for all of their apps and products.

For that reason, we provide a full, money-back guarantee on all of our review packages. If you're not satisfied, simply contact our professional services team, let them know your feedback and any other necessary info, and we will provide you with a full refund.

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