Why IMDb?

If you are a filmmaker hoping to carve a career in the film industry, then the Internet Movie Database is a place that offers major opportunities for you.

It is the most authoritative movie database for those looking for information on the film and TV shows featuring everything from major films to independent movies to online videos, as well as providing a wealth of information related to actors backgrounds and cast actresses names, film's producers and crew, plot summaries, trivia, and ratings. It is frequented by industry professionals and, crucially, it is a place where users write reviews.

How Can IMDb Reviews Help?

There are many reasons why you need to have your film reviewed and rated at IMDb. Reviews improve your search engine optimization. Offering superior SEO and greater visibility means more views for your work. As only the major players in the film industry have authentic ratings on IMDb, buying reviews and ratings is a legitimate and common practice.

Reviews and Ratings

IMDB movies are rated on a scale from one to ten stars, and positive reviews boost this overall IMDb rating. Buying authentic ratings on the platform will help set you up for future success as people show genuine interest in successful high-rated films.

Types of Reviews

There are two types of film reviews to be found on IMDb registered user reviews and external reviews.

External Reviews

External reviews are those written and stored away from the site, usually written by professionals for newspapers, pages on social networks, and film industry websites and linked to the site by its owners. These will include a rating for the film.

User Reviews

User reviews, also known as comments, are short reviews added to the site by its readers, and this is where the site becomes interesting for fledgling filmmakers and promoters hoping to raise the profile of a movie or production company. Every review written comes with an IMDb rating.

Why Reviews Matter?

Perhaps more important than the review is the rating that accompanies the review. This score out of ten for any IMDb movie is what most people notice first. High ratings are also what drive the film's position in any list. High-rated films are obviously more noticeable on the IMDb site.

Good Reviews Count

Obviously, all the films, the big-budget Hollywood blockbusters, are going to attract a lot of attention, so how do the small independent film producers and the makers of self-financed television programs improve their IMDb profile. The answer is to buy reviews on IMDb and good ratings.

Why Buy IMDb Reviews?

Obviously, gaining film reviews organically is the ideal way to have people find, explore and write about your work, but the internet is a busy place, and the competition is fierce. What all of the smart operators are doing is buying promotional packages, which will help push more film projects.

Buying IMDb reviews and IMDb ratings is the best way to rebrand your film from being just another good independent movie vying for recognition and making of the most prestigious films of the year. Why? Because it will quickly garner great reviews and high ratings and put you ahead of the pack instantly.

How To Buy IMDb Reviews?

Buying reviews is easy. Find a company that has a reputation for being trustworthy. You need to find one that allows you to buy through secure channels, which offers great post-purchase customer support and which offers authentic reviews.

This last one is crucial as many companies use bots and fake accounts to generate their reviews and these are often easily spotted by other registered users and by site administrators. The former might cause you to lose credibility; the latter could lose you your account!

Are The Companies Offering This Service to be Trusted?

The company you chose will be one that uses real accounts driven by real people with a genuine interest in what you create to generate the reviews making them authentic and indistinguishable from any that you might have gained through organic, non-paid for streams.

How Easy Is It?

The actual process of purchasing your package couldn't be easier. Choose the package that you want, purchase via credit card at the checkout page, and wait for the reviews to come rolling in. You can even choose what ratings the users add to the review.

Why Buy From Real Media?

Buy Real Media is one of the oldest and best-established businesses dealing in social media enhancement packages, and we have built up a positive reputation of supporting creatives looking for elevated rankings, higher ratings, and increased popularity, all with the same high quality which you expect from us. And Real Media offers a variety of packages for you to choose from too.

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If you are a filmmaker, whether you make full-length movies, short films, home videos, TV series, or online videos, then purchasing reviews for IMDb is an obvious move. The right company like us will offer you unique marketing services and help your production find its established target market.

Buying Reviews on IMDb: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy IMDb reviews?

Not only can you buy reviews on IMDb, but you also should as genuine user ratings from verified accounts will attract more people to your page.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Reviews on IMDb?

The simple answer is that it costs whatever you want to spend, from as low as $5 with more comprehensive packages - those offering IMDB ratings and IMDb genuine votes, as well as reviews - and as much as $100.

Is it Safe to Buy IMDb Reviews?

Provided you research the company first and choose one that is reputable and has a track record of increasing your IMDb ratings, generating more sales, which offers a genuine service, accept payments securely, a money-back guarantee if not satisfied, shares their marketing expertise, and that puts you, the customer, first.

Does It Actually Help?

At Buy Real Media, we have helped many filmmakers, from fledgling creatives to established moviemakers, gain vibrant and compelling reviews for their creations. It has also helped establish musicians involved in the soundtracks and helped further the career of plenty of technical crew and support professions.

How Authentic are Buy Real Media Reviews?

Unlike other websites, these reviews are driven from real accounts, actual people rather than automated bots or dead links. These are the people who would have seen your film eventually; all that Buy Real Media does is speed up the process. More positive reviews will increase IMDb ratings, and higher ratings mean more people will check your movie out.

What Do I Have To Provide?

You have to provide your IMDb page URL, and that's it. Then we will provide real IMDb reviews and ratings, and we'll publish them without you having to worry about a thing! Your purchase is 100% private.

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