LinkedIn connections are hugely influential. But does this mean you can simply buy LinkedIn connections to boost the appeal of your page?

The Impact and Influence of LinkedIn Connections

Building connections on LinkedIn is primarily about networking. The more connections you have, the better the opportunities for your business to thrive. But aside from this practical value, there’s another huge benefit to connections on LinkedIn.

When browsing LinkedIn, every user makes snap judgments based on the numbers alone. Connections are a prime example used to determine the credibility and authority of individuals and businesses. The more connections you have, the more legit you appear.

Consequently, connections have a direct impact on the extent to which you appeal to others on LinkedIn. Whatever your goals happen to be, connections can make it easier to achieve them—closing more sales, boosting the size of your audience, appealing to prospective employers - all influenced by the number of connections you have.

Is it Effective to Simply Buy LinkedIn Connections?

What’s important to remember is that when you purchase connections, you’re not actually buying genuine connections for your business. You’re simply investing in the credibility and appeal of your business page.

In this respect, however, buying connections can make a real difference. When you see a LinkedIn profile with plenty of connections, it grabs your attention. If the same profile had just a handful of connections, it wouldn’t be nearly as appealing.

On top of this, connections are also a key ranking factor on LinkedIn. Metrics like this are used to assign value to LinkedIn users and the content they publish. Connections are an indicator of popularity, and popular LinkedIn users get promoted.

With plenty of connections under your belt, you could benefit from enhanced exposure on LinkedIn. Along with looking more credible and appealing, your profile and content could become much easier to find.

Are There Any Risks When Buying LinkedIn Connections?

If you buy real LinkedIn connections of the highest quality, the answer is no. This means connections that come from active and authentic LinkedIn accounts owned by real people. No inactive spam accounts or bot-generated garbage, which could have the opposite of the intended effect.

Buying connections like these are safe because they are 100% indistinguishable from the real thing. They cannot be separated from organic connections, therefore pose no risk to your account. It is, therefore, up to you to assess the quality and authenticity of the connections you intend to buy prior to placing your order.

If in doubt, don’t take the risk - fake connections could put your credibility and reputation in jeopardy.

Why Should I Buy LinkedIn Connections from Buy Real Media?

True to our name, we’re committed to providing 100% real social signals for platforms like LinkedIn. When you buy LinkedIn connections from us, we personally verify the quality and safety of each and every one.

Our manual approach to delivery enables us to ensure consistent quality from start to finish. All sales are covered by our exclusive money-back guarantee, so you know you’re in safe hands!

Choose from a selection of cost-effective solutions for LinkedIn users, including the following options:

  • 25 Connections on LinkedIn added within 1-3 working days
  • 50 Connections on LinkedIn added within 3-6 working days
  • 100 Connections on LinkedIn added within 6-8 working days

If you don’t see the product or service you need to be featured on our website, contact the BRM team direct. Alternatively, place your order online, and we will get to work delivering your order right away.

Buying LinkedIn Connections: Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how buying LinkedIn connections could benefit your business in our brief FAQ section:

Does Buying Connections on LinkedIn Really Work?

If your objective is to boost your credibility and benefit from heightened exposure, then yes - buying connections on LinkedIn can make a big difference.

Will The Connections I Buy Interact with My Profile?

No - the connections you buy are added to your profile simply to improve its appeal and authority. It is unlikely the connections you buy will interact with your content, though they may occasionally.

Is It Not Dangerous to Purchase Connections on LinkedIn?

Not if you ensure you exclusively buy 100% authentic connections. If the connections come from active accounts with real owners, they're identical to the real thing and are therefore safe.

What Happens If LinkedIn Detects I Bought Connections?

Again, the connections you buy will be indistinguishable from your organic connections. There is, therefore, no chance of them being detected by LinkedIn under any circumstances.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Authentic Connections on LinkedIn?

Full pricing information is available on our website, where you can now buy authentic LinkedIn connections starting from just $5.00.

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