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With over 850 million users from 200 territories, LinkedIn is the most preferred online business networking portal for professionals. The network has one simple motto; to create greater economic opportunities for every professional. And this is exactly what they do. Active users create their profiles to build productive professional networks and explore more profitable opportunities for learning and growth. The bigger their network, the deeper is the reach of their posts. LinkedIn views for any content – be it photos or videos or articles or text-based posts – are a significant metric to measure your KPIs, as it indicates the reach or penetration of your content.

Posting a video about your company’s work or sharing content about your business is the key to increasing your brand awareness. Having more views on your photos or videos, or articles will stimulate more profile visits and a higher rate of website clicks. But just as every aspiring YouTuber doesn’t hit a million subscribers mark, neither does every LinkedIn post. To solve this dilemma on LinkedIn, you have a pragmatic choice; to buy LinkedIn views. Posts & photo views on LinkedIn can massively uplift your profile.

Importance of More LinkedIn Post Views

LinkedIn views are important for job seekers and business professionals to land better opportunities by extending their network, owing to an increased number of profile engagements. This ultimately becomes a catalyst for your professional growth, as you are more visible to employers in your industry. Having more LinkedIn views is equally important for everyone as it helps your content to rank higher in search engines and improves engagements for professional growth and networking. Better visibility, making new connections, and exploring better professional opportunities are some of the benefits of views. Here’s a list of some more benefits that you can enjoy when you buy LinkedIn views.

Benefits of Buying LinkedIn Views

Paid-for views can quickly boost the popularity of your posts or photos. Obtaining these views will inspire more visitors to watch the content, in turn encouraging profile engagements, and your network will grow instantaneously. For job seekers, it’s a good path to finding better career opportunities. For businesses and companies, large or small, buying post views or video views will enhance your credibility and engage the right kind of businesses and individuals, helping you grow your network.

More views on your content will make you more visible to search engines, unlocking more opportunities. New visitors will learn about your business, and linking your blog or website will allow maximizing the benefit of the platform for your promotion. Here are some more benefits of buying post views, photo views, and video views.

Boost Your LinkedIn Performance

Over 90% of recruiters today use LinkedIn for headhunting. With a higher count of views, your posts will be able to gather a much higher exposure to get more views. The LinkedIn algorithm also takes relevance into count, so subsequently, your posts will reach more relevant professionals and recruiters as these indicators help your profile appear and rank better in searches.

Gain More Visibility

Receiving a larger number of views implies that your profile is getting engagements from people in relevant fields, and new visitors are unearthing your existence while learning about your skills, experience, products, and services. Therefore, your posts can serve as your professional advertisement. Along with using the right keywords in your profile, more profile views and larger networks will also contribute to better search rankings.

Go Viral

Any post with 100000 views and/or likes is considered viral on LinkedIn. It should be highly engaging content and an astronomical network of active users to gain popularity up to the point of going viral. Buying views in bulk can help you boost the visibility of your posts or photos while also attracting more organic views. You can also buy views for the same post with a gap of a few days, so that your content goes viral over time.

More Professional Endorsements

Professional endorsements are like your currency on LinkedIn. It gives more weight to your profile and lets potential employers see your impact. Buying views is a quick way to boost your account performance, as it becomes the clear social proof you need to attract more professional endorsements and, eventually, more benefits for your profile or company.

Reach broader Audience

With the aid of paid views on your LinkedIn posts and profile, you can land high rankings in the search results, making your posts more noticeable to those interested in your kind of content. When the algorithm realizes that more and more people are interested in your content, it will automatically broaden the radius of showing your post to not just the existing audience but new profiles just as well. All this and more can be achieved with real LinkedIn views bought through Buy Real Media.

Why Buy LinkedIn Views from Buy Real Media?

Buy Real Media provides a wide array of attractive features while buying real and active LinkedIn views to boost your account. Being an authentic social media marketing company, we are here to get maximum value out of your money. We offer packages that start as low as $19 for a bundle of 500 views.

Various Views Type

We provide all-encompassing services to buy LinkedIn views online with no hassle. You can choose to buy Photo views for your LinkedIn visual content or video views to attract even more users, or you can opt to boost a regular post by purchasing the ‘post views’ package. You can choose one or all of these, and the results will begin to manifest soon after.

High-Quality Service

Buy Real Media works relentlessly to provide top-notch services to our clients in the USA and all over the world. When you buy our Views package, you can rest assured that we are only using real accounts, following real procedures to provide you with the required Number of views. This way, the algorithm easily understands them to be legitimate and real. Thus, the quality of the views becomes on par with organic views, and at the end of the day, it’s the Number that matters.

Quick Delivery

At the core of our business lies the mission to gain our customers’ complete trust in our services. We take pride in our quick and on-time service delivery without any delays. Plus, we use a highly reliable “Drip feed method” to post these views so that the LinkedIn algorithm does not get triggered.

High Retention Rate

Our high retention rate is a testament to our high quality and service delivery, where we guarantee views stay with the posts. A high retention rate refers to the views sticking with your posts or videos for a long time. In the rare occurrence where your bought views seem to disappear before 60 days, you can claim them again, and we shall compensate you with the same Number of views, completely free of charge.

Responsive Customer Support

Whether you need details about the process or have qualms about the legitimacy of these views – or are not sure which channels to choose for payment – you can contact us through our very responsive live chat option on our website, and get instantly connected to our customer support representatives anytime during regular business hours. Alternatively, you can send us an email at any time, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Buy LinkedIn Views from Buy Real Media?

Getting a hold of LinkedIn views online is a quick and simple process through the Buy Real Media website. We offer a range of packages to cater to the needs of various clients and companies. We only provide credible and real views to make your profile become more popular. Here we explain a few simple steps to purchase views from us.

  • Select ‘LinkedIn Views Type’ From the drop-down menu; You can choose between Video Views, Post Views, and Photo Views.
  • Next, Select the ‘Quantity of Views’ that you would like to buy. you can choose anything from 500 to 10000 views per order.
  • The next step is to ‘Enter LinkedIn Post URL’ where you wish to add the views. Click on the post, video, or photo and copy its page’s link into the space.
  • Just click the ‘BUY NOW’ button and go to the payment page. If you wish to buy more views for another type, click ‘ADD TO CART’, and go back to the buy views page to add other types.

After you complete your payment, we will send you an email confirmation and begin delivering your LinkedIn views. For more information on any of the above or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact Buy Real Media today.

Buy LinkedIn Views: Frequently Asked Questions


Will I Get Banned When Buying LinkedIn Views?

No, you will not get banned for procuring views from Buy Real Media because we only offer views from credible accounts that appear to be truly genuine and pass the algorithm test as well.

What are the Payment Methods Available?

We accept all major debit and credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. We are even open to accepting payments in cryptocurrencies which include BitCoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

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