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OpenSea is one of the largest NFT marketplaces as of now, with more than 1 million active users every month. While most of the public found in OpenSea is American, it’s possible to find people from different countries commercializing NFTs with like-minded individuals, allowing them to land excellent deals. OpenSea has become one of the most used platforms for crypto-collectibles and NFT art, with thousands of people visiting the site every month to sell NFT assets.

As the most used non-fungible token marketplace at the moment, it’s very likely that you’re interested in coming to this place to sell your NFT collection. If you want to sell your assets, it’s essential for you to work on getting more views. People are more likely to buy NFTs with more views. However, if you’re a new user, it can be complicated to get the visibility you need. That shouldn't be a problem anymore since you can buy OpenSea views and get all the benefits with little effort.

Importance of OpenSea Views

If people don’t know that your NFT exists, they can’t appreciate how attractive it is. OpenSea has thousands of users competing in the same market as you, and you’re also up against people with a verified collection. Therefore, you must work on different ways to attract people to your NFTs and accumulate more views in the process. NFTs with more views are more likely to be noticed by potential buyers.

This platform is quite similar to regular social media sites, where content with the most social signals is more likely to get noticed. Thus, the more views your NFTs have, the more likely it will be for people to notice them. OpenSea views are important because they allow you to sell your NFTs faster and make a profit easily. It can take a while via organic methods, but now you have the option to purchase OpenSea views and speed up the process without necessarily losing your head over it.

Benefits of Buying OpenSea Views

It’s possible to pay for OpenSea views and give your NFTs the boost they need to become more credible on this platform. This method will also grant you several advantages over other users, including the following:

Make Your NFT Popular

If you want to make sure that your NFT assets sell well, then you must work on strategies to make them trendy. One of the many ways you have to boost their exposure is to purchase OpenSea views. You’ll get double the benefit here, as people view your NFT assets while also talking about it more often. This way, you’ll contribute your fame on OpenSea while also increasing your chances of selling your non-fungible tokens.

Drive Sales Faster

Not all sellers get buyers interested in their NFTs. It can take a long while for many of them to actually find someone who may want to purchase what they want to offer. However, you can now pay for OpenSea views to increase visibility and sell your NFTs faster. People will notice that your NFTs are truly notable among the OpenSea user base, which will make them more likely to buy the assets.

Increase Your Viewers

You're having trouble attracting organic traffic to your NFTs; perhaps buying OpenSea views can help you solve that problem by increasing your views count. OpenSea often favors people who receive more views on their content, allowing them to increase their views and get more people to see what they have up for sale at any given moment.

Promote Your NFT to Top Collections

Top collections are the most prominent collections on OpenSea, and some of them are worth more than 100 ETH. The platform itself posts the ranking of NFTs, and it is updated very frequently. If you’re part of this ranking, more people will be able to see what you have to offer. If you want to become top of this list, you can pay for OpenSea views to make your NFT project to be part of the top collections on the platform.

Gain Visibility to Your NFT

As you may have noticed, you can build an audience for yourself in OpenSea by purchasing views for this platform. This way, you’ll start gaining visibility and will be able to make your NFT more popular among a larger audience. Buying OpenSea views can help give more visibility to your NFT without too much effort.

Why Should You Buy OpenSea Views from Buy Real Media?

We’ve been offering social media services to people from diverse countries for several years and have acquired a loyal client base ever since we started. Our website has the best OpenSea views packages available for you. Not only will you be able to enjoy high-quality and prompt services, but you'll also get several other benefits, such as the ones mentioned below:

High Retention Rate

We offer one of the highest retention rates on the market. Buy Real Media only offers non-drop views that will remain in your assets from the moment you get them. We offer a 60-day retention guarantee for the views you purchase. If your views drop during this period, contact our support team, and we will refill your views at no cost.

Quick Delivery

We aim to start working on each order as soon as the request has been placed on our platform. Each order also has its expected delivery time attached. Hence, you'll be familiar with how long it'll take us to complete your package from the moment of purchase. This speed delivery method is one of the primary reasons why people prefer to buy from us.

High-Quality Views

Our OpenSea views for NFT are from real OpenSea accounts. We offer packages of 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, and 10,000 views. All the accounts we use to provide this service are active users on the platform, making it impossible to distinguish them from actual views. Thus, you can be sure that the new exposure rank on OpenSea.

Never Ask for Personal Information

Buy Real Media will never ask you for your login details or sensitive information. We don’t need your personal information to be able to provide this service. All we need is your OpenSea URL to be able to complete your order. Our team works using external accounts, and since you’re buying views for OpenSea non-fungible tokens, then your login details will not be necessary.

Secure Payment Gateway

Besides offering the best prices on the web, we also offer a secure payment gateway. Our server uses SSL encryption to provide extra layers of security to each transaction. If you're looking forward to improving your trading volume on OpenSea, then Buy Real Media is your best option.

Excellent Customer Support

Our customer support representatives will be ready to answer all the questions or delivery inquiries you may have about your order. Do you want to know what the best package is for you? Have you found a problem with our platform? Simply contact us, and we'll help you sort out the issue.

How to Buy OpenSea Views from Us?

We have made the process to purchase OpenSea views as accessible as possible for all users. Simply follow the steps written below, and you'll be ready to get started:

  • First, click 'Select OpenSea Views Quantity' to choose the number of views you would like to acquire. You can choose between 100 and 10,000 views at the moment.
  • Then, copy and paste your OpenSea URL in the form that reads 'Enter OpenSea URL'. Make sure it is the correct URL to prevent problems in the future.
  • Click on 'BUY NOW' to proceed to the checkout page.
  • Please, fill out the billing form and choose a payment method. You can pay using cryptocurrency, credit, or debit cards.
  • Click on 'PLACE ORDER' when you’re ready. You’ll be redirected to the payment page. Please, follow the steps you see on the screen.

As soon as your payment is processed, we’ll start working on your order. As you can see, it’s extremely easy to buy OpenSea Views from us. We highly recommend you buy OpenSea Views if you want to have that blue checkmark on OpenSea soon!

Buying OpenSea Views: Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Get Banned for Buying Opensea Views?

No, you won’t get banned for buying Opensea views. Since we are providing views from a legit account, your account won’t get banned or suspended.

What are the Payment Methods Available for Buying OpenSea Views?

You can pay for OpenSea views by using credit or debit cards. We also accept cryptocurrency if you want to make the payment easier and more straightforward.

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