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iTunes Podcasts is an audio streaming service and has become one of the most popular podcast platforms worldwide, with more than 2 million podcasts available at the moment, which makes it indispensable for creators to look for ways to stand out among the crowd. That’s why iTunes podcasts reviews are quite important, as they can make your podcast more credible and appealing in the eyes of potential new listeners.

There’s a lot of content in the Apple Podcasts library, and since it can be a bit overwhelming to choose a particular podcast profile, most people rely on user reviews to decide if a particular podcast is worth a shot. Hence, reviews hold a very high level of influence on your podcast, but it can be hard to incite listeners into taking the time to write a comment. On the other hand, it’s now possible to buy podcast reviews and boost your podcast’s appeal in the eyes of a new listener.

Why Are Reviews Important for a Podcast?

As mentioned, reviews are perhaps the most influential signal that a user can leave on your podcast. While ratings and subscribers are crucial, reviews can help people know how good a particular podcast is. Hence, each time someone leaves a positive review on your episodes, a different user becomes more likely to listen to your content. Reviews can make people more likely to click on your podcast and listen to it. That’s because they were able to see that another person has had a positive experience while listening to it.

Hence, they may want to give it a try, as it can resonate with their tastes. The more reviews your podcast has, the more likely people will be to take it seriously. Hence, it is important for creators to accumulate as many reviews as possible to incite users into listening to their content and expand their audience in the future.

Benefits of Buying Podcast Reviews

Many people have been purchasing podcast reviews for their podcasts to boost their engagement rate and attract more listeners. You can do so too, and make your podcast gain more popularity in the long run. There are tons of benefits that you can enjoy if you choose to pay for podcast reviews:

Gain More Audience

The main perk of buying podcast reviews is attracting more audiences. People will see that a high number of users are already engaging with your content, making them more likely to give you a chance to use your content. Overall, purchasing podcast reviews can help you make your content more attractive in the eyes of a new listener. Since they don't have an idea of what your content is like, they rely on user reviews to get to know it. Positive reviews can truly make a difference when it comes to gaining more audience.

Attract More Attention

You can attract more listeners' attention if you pay for podcast reviews. This phenomenon happens because the number of reviews you have is shown on your Apple Podcasts profile. This way, your podcast can stand out among the rest of the podcasts and will naturally draw the attention of people who come across it while choosing what to listen to. This practice is an excellent way to gain more recognition in the long run.

Save Your Time

It can be hard to be a podcast host, and it can be even more time-consuming to build strategies to attract people to your content. You can save some time and focus on the production of your podcast if you purchase podcast reviews. Your content will be getting the attention it deserves while you’re working on producing even better podcast episodes.

Make Your Podcast More Successful

If you’re a new creator and are struggling to get noticed on iTunes Podcasts, you can increase your chances of success by paying for podcast reviews. This method can help you boost your engagement, as the algorithm will favor your content, making it more likely for it to appear on other people’s feeds as they scroll for content. This can make your podcast more successful as more users will be able to find your podcast and contribute to your growth.

Build Trust for Your Podcast

Let's say that you now have a new podcast and are finding it hard to make your target audience listen to what you have to say. In that case, you can buy reviews and increase the credibility of your content. People are more likely to take podcasts with a relatively high number of reviews more seriously. Hence, if you want to make sure that new listeners find your podcast attractive, purchasing more podcast reviews is recommended.

Boost Your Social Proof

It’s important to increase awareness when it comes to new projects on social media. Reviews can help you in that regard, as they can help you boost your social proof and make sure that other people view your content as credible.

Why Choose Buy Real Media to Buy Podcast Reviews?

Buy Real Media has been around for several years providing social media marketing services to people worldwide. Our team of professionals in social media can help you grow your podcast and achieve your goals in less time than you expect it. Here’s why Buy Real Media is your best option when it comes to buying real podcast reviews:

Provide Different Types of Reviews

You can choose between different types depending on your budget. As of now, we offer custom reviews and random reviews.

  • If you choose Custom Reviews, you'll be able to write the reviews you would like your podcast to have (one line per review). This way, you can get personalized service.
  • If you choose Random Reviews, we’ll provide general reviews that could work for any podcast, all of them positive. That’s why the pricing of this review type is more affordable.

We offer packages of 50, 100, 250, 500, and even 1,000 reviews at an affordable price, depending on what you think would suit you best at the moment.

Targeted Services

We also offer reviews from target countries. Our targeted services will allow you to get reviews from the UK, USA, or worldwide. This way, you can attract the attention of people within a particular country and make your podcast appear more genuine in the eyes of people from these countries. We'll make even more countries available in the future, so stay tuned for more target countries in the future!

Good Results

When you decide to work with Buy Real Media, you can only expect the best possible results. You’ll be able to attract the attention of more people in the long run, and you’ll see how your podcast starts growing and becoming more popular on iTunes Podcasts.

High Retention Rate

Our non-drop reviews are one of the reasons why people keep coming back to us. We offer one of the highest retention rates in the market. All of our customers become satisfied after receiving their reviews and notice that the number rarely varies after they've purchased from our service. That's how we have accumulated tons of good customer reviews throughout the years.

Reviews From High-Quality Accounts

We only offer reviews from high-quality accounts. All the reviews you'll get will be manually written and sent to your podcast. We ensure that each of the accounts we use is genuine and has constant activity on the platform. Our high-quality services focus on providing reviews that are identical to organic ones. Plus, our fast-delivery method will allow you to enjoy the benefits of your reviews as soon as possible.

No Password Required

We don’t need your password or any other personal information to be able to provide this service. You’ll only have to give us your iTunes Podcast URL. Since we use real third-party accounts to deliver each review, access to your account will not be necessary. We’ll finish your request in the least time possible while preserving your security and privacy.

Customer Satisfaction

There are tons of factors that contribute to our customer satisfaction rate. From high-quality services to nice customer support, Buy Real Media offers an excellent experience to all users, regardless of where they may be located. If you choose to buy podcast reviews from us today, you'll see the wonders that this service can do for your podcast in the long run!

How to Buy Podcast Reviews from Us?

It’s very easy to purchase podcast reviews from our website. All you have to do is follow the steps written below to get started:

  • First, click on the menu 'Select Podcast Reviews Type' and choose between random reviews and custom reviews depending on what you want at the moment. If you choose custom reviews, a new form will appear, and you’ll be required to write the reviews (one line per review).
  • Next up, 'Select Target Country' by clicking on the respective menu. Our website currently offers reviews from the USA, UK, and worldwide.
  • Click 'Select Podcast Quantity' and choose the number of reviews you would like to get. As of now, the smallest package we have has 50 reviews, while the largest contains 1,000 reviews.
  • Choose the star rating on 'Select Star Ratings'
  • Continue by copying and pasting your 'iTunes Podcast URL' into the respective form.
  • You can now click on 'BUY NOW' if you want to pay for your order or on 'ADD TO CART' if you wish to buy something else from Buy Real Media. Please, fill out the form with your billing details and choose a payment method (credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency). Once you do, please click on 'Place Order'
  • Follow the steps on the screen to process your payment. Once your payment has been received, we’ll start working on your request.

We aim to make this process as uncomplicated as possible for all users. If you find a problem during the purchase process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Buying Podcast Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Does it Take to Deliver the Order?

Each order has its delivery time attached. For instance, a package of 50 podcast reviews might be delivered between 1-3 days, while a 1,000 podcast reviews package may only be delivered after 16-30 days. Still, we aim to finish each order as soon as possible.

Will I Get Banned for Buying Podcast Reviews?

No. You won't get banned if you pay for podcast reviews because all the reviews you'll get will be 100% genuine. Furthermore, iTunes Podcasts doesn't condone this practice. Your account will remain safe throughout the whole process.

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I trust Buy Real Media completely. I have been buying podcast reviews from this site for a long time - and I’m always relaxed as this site offers a refund guarantee in case of non-delivery or incomplete delivery. Thankfully, I have never had to face such issues. It initiates the delivery process quickly and provides reviews from genuine iTunes profiles only.  


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