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Podcasts have become an excellent form of creating and nurturing a community through topics you enjoy. Apple Podcasts has more than 2 million podcasts at the moment, although the cipher is probably increasing every day. Some of these podcasts have more subscribers than others, which makes it necessary for podcast hosts to come up with creative ways to attract new listeners, such as famous guests or eye-catching imagery. If you have started a new podcast on iTunes, but are having trouble attracting listeners, you may want to consider purchasing Podcast subscribers. This will help you get ahead of other similar podcasts in little time. This practice has been available for quite a while, making it possible for content creators to achieve greater numbers and connect with their target audience easily.

Benefits Of Buying Podcast Subscribers

You can now purchase Podcast subscribers and give your content the boost it needs to become trendier on Apple Podcasts. How can this method be helpful for your exposure? Well, getting subscribers to your content will help you in different ways, including the aspects mentioned below:

Increase Your Popularity

People are more likely to listen to a podcast with a high subscriber count than a podcast with few subscribers. Therefore, if you choose to pay for Podcast subscribers, you will be able to improve your presence on the platform, and people will start taking you more seriously, making it more likely for them to choose your content over other podcasts available. All this new popularity will benefit you in the long run, as you'll be able to attract new listeners organically.

Save Your Time

If you're a podcast host, you already know how time-consuming it is to produce podcast episodes. You have to research content, edit your audio files, and put everything together for it to work and to deliver your message. On top of that, you also have to take care of your content's advertising to make sure that people listen to what you have to say. That's where buying Podcast subscribers can be helpful. Not only will you be able to gain more exposure and increase your awareness, but you will also be able to save time and focus on making a good podcast instead of the marketing area.

Increase Your Subscriber Count

People are naturally attracted to content with big numbers, unfortunately. No matter how good your content is, it's crucial for you to work on attracting more subscribers so your message is successfully delivered and your content becomes more profitable. You can purchase Podcast subscribers and easily increase your subscriber count. It'll be easier for you to grow your podcast and attract more people to listen to what you have to say.

Grow Your Podcast

As mentioned, one of the primary goals you should have with your podcast is to attract as much audience as possible. Thus, if you want to build a good presence on Apple Podcasts, you must use eye-catching images and titles. You can also work on your subscriber count, as people also pay attention to these numbers to determine whether it is worth it to listen to your podcast episodes or not. If you pay for Podcast subscribers, it'll be possible for you to build a more attractive subscriber count, and people will be more likely to subscribe and engage with your podcast!

Enhance Your Credibility

It's not enough to produce content; it is also important to let other people know that you're serious about it. Working on your credibility is important, and buying Podcast subscribers can help you let people know that you enjoy producing this content and that your listeners enjoy it, too. It's important to build reliability, as people take into account your subscribers and listeners to decide whether your episodes are worth listening to or not.

Why Buy Podcast Subscribers from Buy Real Media?

Buy Real Media has been around for over a decade, providing social media services to people in search of growing their social media profiles. We focus on providing high-quality services to our audience, and we prioritize customer satisfaction over anything else. If you're looking forward to becoming more popular on Apple Podcasts, then Buy Real Media is the right service provider for you. Here are some of the reasons why people prefer us over other companies:

Experience And Expertise

Throughout the years, we have accumulated enough experience and expertise to know the dos and don'ts of social media services. With that we can deliver high quality podcast subscribers in record time to your profile, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits associated with them as soon as possible.

Real Podcast Subscribers

We only deliver real podcast subscribers to our clients. Each new subscriber you get will be manually added to your podcast, making them indistinguishable from organic ones and allowing you to take full advantage of them as soon as they arrive. Then, it'll be easier for your target audience to find your content while exploring apple podcasts.

Targeted Services

We also offer targeted services, so you can choose some of the nations from where your subscribers will come. For instance, as of now, we offer worldwide, USA, and UK subscribers. The worldwide option will deliver subscribers from all corners of the world, allowing you to boost your popularity in the rankings of different countries.

Wide Range Of Packages

We offer diverse packages for all budgets and user types. Hence, you can choose between 100 and 500, depending on how many subscribers you think are convenient for you right now. Orders are repeatable, so you can buy as many as you want.


The combination of affordable prices and fast delivery makes us one of the best social signal providers on the web. If you decide to work with us, you'll be able to grow your Apple Podcasts presence and become a top podcast host on the platform in less time than you think – all of it for a cost-effective price starting at $9.

Money-Back Guarantee

We also have a money-back guarantee available for all orders. In rare case, if we fail to deliver your subscribers within the expected period, you'll be eligible for a refund. Simply get in touch with our customer support team, and we will work on your request promptly.

How To Buy Podcast Subscribers from Us?

It's extremely easy to buy podcast subscribers from us. All you have to do is follow the steps written below, and you'll be ready to make your podcast grow on Apple Podcasts:

  • First, click on the menu ‘Select Podcast Subscribers Target Country’, and you will see different options for the target country, such as Worldwide, US and UK.
  • Once you have selected your target country, click on ‘Select Quantity’ to choose the number of subscribers you will receive. You can choose 100, 250, and 500 subscribers at the moment.
  • Please copy and paste your iTunes Podcast link in the form that reads ‘Enter iTunes podcast URL’.
  • Once you have filled out all the forms and are ready to make a purchase, click on ‘BUY NOW’, and you will be redirected to the checkout page.
  • The checkout page will require you to fill out a billing form and choose a payment method. When you finish, please click on ‘PLACE ORDER’ to process your payment. We'll start working on your order as soon as possible!

Buying Podcast Subscribers: Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Does It Take to Deliver the Order?

It takes between 3 and 12 days to fully deliver your order, depending on the size of your package. We have three packages of 100, 250, and 500 podcast subscribers at the moment, and each one has its expected delivery time attached during the selection process.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Podcast Subscribers?

Our prices start at $9 for 50 subscribers. We have one of the most cost-effective services available on the web. You'll save time, money, and effort if you choose to work with us.

Will My Account Get Banned for Buying Podcast Subscribers?

No, your account will not be banned if you buy Podcast subscribers because all the subscribers you will get from us will from real people with active accounts.

What Are the Payment Methods Available?

We offer diverse payment methods, including all major credit and debit cards. You can also choose to pay using cryptocurrency or e-wallets if you want to make the payment more straightforward!

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