If the internet seems to be one built around questions and answers, a modern-day encyclopedia for the modern generation, then Quora is one of the most important platforms within that world. And if you are thinking, why use Quora to find an answer? Why not just use any other everyday search engine? It is because Quora has a number of inbuilt aspects that rival search engines don't. Namely:

  • It allows users to create social networks and follow topics that are of specific interest to them.
  • It focuses only on high-quality questions and delivers only detailed answers.
  • It enables users to vote on answers to highlight the most accurate information possible.

How to Use Quora?

Using Quora is very straightforward as you do need to create an account, but account creation and navigation of the website are pretty easy. Plus, it's free!

From the homepage screen, you can sign in with your e-mail address, and once you have done that, you can fill in all the other typical account creation requirements, such as adding a profile photo and connecting with your friends on the site. You are then ready to start following things that really interest you.

Quora is the perfect mix of a search engine and a social media platform. To build up your account, you simply follow things on the Quora website, but there is a greater emphasis on topics such as art or history, science or business, music or movies rather than people. Either way, whatever you choose to follow will make up the unique content in your feed.

Asking Questions and Giving Answers on Quora

Once you've created an account and chosen the topics that you wish to follow, you can start using Quora to its fullest. This includes asking questions on the site.

To ask a question, you just enter a "How, why or which" type question using the question box, making sure that it is a unique question with the correct spelling and grammar, and then send it out into the Quora community and wait for an answer to come back from one or more other users.

Similarly, answering a question is just as simple, but you should only do so if you can respond with something that is honest, high-quality, easy to understand, and relevant.

Upvotes and Downvotes on Quora

Now, we come to the mechanics that make Quora so fun and such a useful tool to use: the voting system. Like all social media platforms, Quora runs initially on views, and the more viewed something is, the more popular it must be. But what makes those views powerful is the fact that most viewers will then also vote on the content.

If you see a response on Quora that you think is the perfect answer to the question being asked, you can upvote it. On the other hand, if you see an answer that is inaccurate and uninformative, you can downvote it. This is not a popularity contest. The number of upvotes and downvotes on a particular response will affect its visibility.

If a response has a lot of upvotes, if it is seen as being particularly valid by other users, the Quora algorithm will push it to the top of the response list. If an answer has more downvotes because fellow users see it as invalid, then the Quora algorithm will not prioritize it for others to see, and it will move out of view.

Using this system means that you will more easily find questions that are enlightening and interesting with answers that are most relevant and revealing. The further down the page you go, the less stimulating the questions and the less relevant the answers. It's as simple as that.

Why do you Need Quora votes?

Quora is a social media site like few others because it is less about socializing and general conversation and more about learning and swapping information. You might go to sites such as Facebook or Twitter when you want to shoot the breeze, but it is Quora, the one you turn to when you want real information.

While the questions and answers guide how Quora evolves, it is the social aspect of viewing and then voting on questions and answers that makes the site fun, and more importantly, relevant to use when you want real information. You don't have to answer any questions to be part of the Quora community. All you have to do is upvote the Quora answers and questions that you like.

Rather than liking a Tweet or a Facebook post, you can turn your view into a powerful vote for the Quora answers that get your attention. It's about spreading accurate information across the internet, not something that the internet is particularly known for! View, vote, spread the word, and promote interesting and accurate information.

Why Buy Quora Views?

If Quora is a platform that ensures the most relevant questions and answers are seen, and you want your account to be viewed by as many people as possible, then obviously you need to be creating content that is accurate, informative, and engaging so that it naturally rises to the top.

But you can also enhance this process by buying views to speed the process along. So the question shouldn't be: "Why buy Quora views?" It should be: "Why not buy Quora views?!"

The benefits are obvious. Views help you grow your audience, enable you to share your opinions, show off your expertise, make your account more popular, make your followers appreciate and value your input, and stimulate additional organic growth to your account.

If you are using Quora for business purposes, then, more importantly, it will help attract potential customers and even new investors.

Why Buy From Us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get real views when I buy from BuyRealMedia.com?

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Is it Safe to Buy Quora Views From Us?

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