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Reddit is a popular discussion, content rating, and news aggregation forum where people connect with each other. According to statistics, Reddit receives around 30 billion monthly visits to its website, out of which 4.65 billion comes from the USA alone! The best way to leverage this traffic in your favor is to post in famous subreddits (communities based on a specific topic). However, it can be difficult to post in these popular subreddits if you do not meet the specified criteria.

And even if you manage to post in these subreddits, it would be even more difficult to make it to the front page of the subreddit! A simple solution is to buy Reddit posts, which will help you get to the front page of a popular subreddit! How does one can purchase Reddit posts safely, and what are the benefits of buying a service like this? Take a look:

Why Do You Need to Post in Famous Subreddits?

Recent statistics show that 52 million registered users visit Reddit every single day and when we combine that with unregistered users, the final number becomes massive! So one of the major benefits of posting in a famous subreddit is that it helps you get traffic, exposure, and popularity! For example, if you have a website that sells tech accessories, then posting in the relevant subreddit will help you to gain new customers. Similarly, sharing your YouTube video to the relevant and popular subreddit can help you to amass a lot of views!

So, in short, posting in a famous subreddit can also help you to get famous and even get new customers. Furthermore, Reddit has also become a popular place for investors and traders looking to purchase cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. So if you can manage to get your crypto project featured in a famous subreddit and it becomes a trending post, it will push your crypto project to the moon! One particular subreddit which has gained popularity among the crypto community is r/CryptoMoonShots. As for the exact requirements for Reddit posting in famous subreddits, we are going to mention them next.

Requirements to Post in Famous Subreddits

In general, only aged Reddit accounts with high karma are allowed to post in popular subreddits. Furthermore, many subreddits require extensive knowledge about the subject before posting... These requirements keep the subreddits free from any spam, scam, or even low-quality posts. For someone new to Reddit, it can be challenging to post in famous subreddits such as CryptoMoonShots, and that's where Buy Real Media comes into play!

Even if you do not have an aged Reddit account, there's no need to worry, as we offer a Reddit posting service by using our own aged accounts! Since we only use accounts with high karma, it will increase your chances of getting even more exposure and fame from Reddit! And if we talk about buying Reddit posts for the CryptoMoonShots in particular, it can also help you increase the moonshot potential of your crypto project!

Buy Reddit CryptoMoonShots Post to Grow Your Crypto Project

If we talk about all the crypto subreddits on Reddit, then the most famous one is CryptoMoonShots, without any doubt! As of right now, this subreddit has more than 1.9 million members, which makes it one of the biggest crypto communities on the entire internet! In the CryptoMoonShots subreddit, investors and traders can find crypto projects which have the potential of increasing their price to the moon - The whole idea of this subreddit is to buy promising crypto assets at a low price and then sell them at higher prices later on.

For someone who has a crypto project and is involved in this industry, CryptoMoonShots presents a massive opportunity. In fact, this subreddit has already helped tons of crypto projects to launch from the ground and make their way toward the top cryptocurrencies! However, the strict rules set by the administrators and the moderators of r/CryptoMoonShots make it difficult for new users to post in this particular subreddit.

But just getting your post published on this subreddit is just the start - So, in short, you need two things to take your crypto project to the next level - Publishing a post on the r/CryptoMoonShots and then making it to the trending post by getting the required upvotes. At Buy Real Media, we can help you achieve both of these things!

Why Choose Buy Real Media for Buying Reddit Posts?

What makes Buy Real Media the best choice for buying Reddit posts? Take a look at some of the reasons:

Helped Over Hundreds of Users to Post in Famous Subreddits

Ever since we started offering this service, we have helped hundreds of people to get their cryptocurrencies featured in the r/CryptoMoonShots subreddit. Considering the popularity of this subreddit, not every service provider has what it takes to get you featured there. But when you work with Buy Real Media, you can rest assured that we already know what it takes to help you achieve success!

High-Quality Account with High Karma and Age

For publishing posts on popular subreddits, we ensure that only the high karma and aged accounts are used. To establish accounts like these, it takes a lot of effort over multiple years to establish trust and authority. That's why when a post is made from these accounts, people tend to trust it a lot more. Furthermore, posts made from such high-quality accounts also receive a lot of upvotes naturally as well!

Fast and Safe Delivery

Buy Real Media ensures that the entire process of adding a post on subreddits is done in a controlled environment for maximum safety. We know that your project is very important to you, which is one of the reasons we always practice total discretion. Furthermore, all the posts are made on accounts owned by real people. This ensures that your posts remain to live on the popular subreddits without getting marked as spam or even scam. And to top it all off, we offer this high-quality service with a quick turnaround time too!

Variety of Reddit Services Available to Combine

To truly reap the benefits of getting full exposure on your Reddit post, you can also combine several other Reddit services offered by us. For example, you can buy Reddit upvotes for your post from us to help it get trending and finally make it to the front page of the subreddit! In fact, buying additional services such as upvotes can lead to a snowball effect in which even organic users start to upvote your posts which in turn attracts even more attention from potential users. And when we talk about popular subreddits such as CryptoMoonShots, it can make a lot of difference, as getting quick exposure will help you stand out from the crowd!

SSL Encryption

Our website is secured with state-of-the-art SSL encryption, which ensures maximum security. As a result, any payment processed through our website is 100% secure and private. Furthermore, any information entered on our website is also 100% secure due to the use of an SSL certificate to ensure full privacy.

Live Chat Support

Do you have a question about our Reddit post service? Do you have some queries related to your order? Whatever the reason, we offer support by email and through live chat during normal working hours. At Buy Real Media, there's nothing more important than customer satisfaction and offering live chat support is just one of the things which show our commitment!

How to Buy Reddit Posts from Buy Real Media?

Want to place an order for Reddit posts? Just follow these steps:

  • From the drop-down menu, ‘Select the Subreddit' where you would like your post to appear. You have the ‘CryptoMoonShots’ option.
  • Select the 'Number of Posts’ that you would like to buy.
  • 'ENTER POST CONTENT’ that will appear in the Reddit post. This step is really important as the information you enter here will be copied and pasted into the post.
  • If you want to continue shopping on Buy Real Media, click on the 'ADD TO CART’ button. And if you want to complete your order right away, click on the 'BUY NOW' button.
  • In the last step, enter your payment details and click on 'PLACE ORDER' to complete the order.

Buying Reddit Posts: Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Estimated Delivery Time for My Posts?

By default, we will start publishing your post on Reddit within 24 hours after order confirmation. But if you would like to schedule your post for a specific time and date, then you can also relay that information during the order placement process. You will be able to see the exact delivery time in the order form (top of the page).

What Are the Payment Options Available?

At Buy Real Media, we accept a lot of different payment methods, such as all major credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies (bitcoin and Ethereum). If you have any problems related to making a payment, feel free to contact us!

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