Spotify's pre-save feature is designed so you can easily save your upcoming releases and know immediately when they're released. We recommend running the campaign to gather more pre-save data at least five weeks prior to the release to collect the maximum possible saves.

Having more pre-saves increases the number of streams on your album's release day, which positively impacts the algorithm and enhances its exposure.

What Are Spotify Pre-Saves?

If you are releasing an album or song soon, buying Spotify pre-saves can greatly increase their audience and exposure, enhancing the success of your music. It's key to promote your hard work and build anticipation prior to the launch date in order to gain traction on the platform.

A Spotify pre-save campaign is how you promote your upcoming album release, offering users on the platform an incentive to pre-save your music. Once they do so, your music will automatically be pushed to their accounts and playlists on the release date.

Do Spotify Pre-Saves Help Artists Grow?

Absolutely! The pre-save feature on Spotify is specifically designed to help artists get their music out to the public. With Spotify's help, users who pre-save your music will get your music pushed directly to their devices as soon as it is released to the public.

This can be an immense benefit to artists who are trying to broaden their audience, as it helps new listeners discover your music. While it is difficult for users to try to remember all the different release dates for new music, Spotify simplifies the process by allowing users to pre-save albums or songs and reminding them when they are released.

Listeners don't have to worry about remembering to visit artists' pages after their music is released, as the music becomes readily available on their existing playlists.

Is a Spotify Pre-Save Campaign Worth It?

If your goal as an artist on streaming platforms like Spotify is to grow and gain more fans, then pre-save campaigns are a great way to go. With pre-save campaigns, more users will be exposed to your music, and given the wider exposure, you will naturally gain many more followers.

Pre-save campaigns create anticipation for the upcoming launches of songs or albums, guiding users to listen to your music as soon as it drops. By purchasing pre-saves, artists will enjoy the benefit of increased exposure on the platform and immediately begin to see an increase in listeners and followers.

How Does Pre-Save Work on Spotify?

Pre-saves on Spotify work by ensuring that users are exposed to your music as soon as it is released. This is the equivalent of pre-ordering an album, except it's on a digital streaming platform. If users pre-save songs or albums, Spotify will push the content straight to their Songs, or Albums list the moment it is released to the public.

Users simply visit the page of the song or album and pre-save it. Spotify takes care of the rest of the process. Once you have got the pre-save campaign set up, you just need to let the algorithm do the rest.

When Should I Distribute a Pre-Save Campaign on Spotify?

When deciding the best time to distribute a pre-save campaign, it's important to remember that the platform will need some time to incorporate it. Top experts recommend releasing a pre-save campaign at least 5-6 weeks in advance of the release date.

This allows 1-2 weeks for the campaign to be established and 4 weeks for Spotify to incorporate it into your account. While this is the ideal timeline for pre-save campaigns, a campaign can be done in as little as 2-4 weeks if you are under pressure for time.

So, regardless of where you are in the process, Buy Real Media can help get your Spotify pre-saves in order.

Where Do Pre-Saves Go on Spotify?

Once a user pre-saves a song or album, they won't be able to immediately access the music. But once the artist releases the song to the public, Spotify will immediately push the content to the user's existing playlists automatically.

Since the music is pre-loaded for the user, no further action needs to be taken. With everyone's busy schedules, pre-saves help users remember to listen to music when it is released, so they don't have to keep track of multiple release dates from their favorite artists.

Why Are Pre-Save Campaigns Important?

Driving Spotify pre-saves is a great way to build momentum for your music. It serves a similar purpose as advertising and essentially guarantees additional plays by users. Running a pre-save campaign can be just what your music needs to hit the top charts.

More Guaranteed Listens

This is the most notable benefit of having a significant amount of pre-saves. With the content automatically pre-loaded into users' existing playlists, your music is almost guaranteed to receive more visibility upon release. Pre-saves serve as a reminder to users that your music has gone live and encourages them to listen immediately since it is ready to go on their page.

Not only will this guarantee more listens in the immediate term, but it will also guarantee it listens throughout the future. With more and more people listening to your music, they are more likely to suggest it to friends and family and continue listening for themselves.

Give Your Music A Boost on Spotify

Buying Spotify pre-saves is a great way to reach a wider audience with your music. Buying pre-saves will expose new audiences to your music and will naturally result in more repeat listeners. With added plays and followers to your music page, your content will continue to rise in the charts as the algorithm picks up on its popularity.

This leads to exponential growth and exposure, which can be exactly what your album needs to break through and land on top of all the other artists.

Create your Spotify Pre-Save Campaign

Spotify's pre-save campaign is designed to keep people listening to your music until the drop of a song or album. Creating buzz for the release of new music is the perfect way to ensure you maintain and build your following.

If more people know about the launch, more people listen from the start. There are many different ways to promote your upcoming Spotify releases, but the most efficient way is, without a doubt, to use pre-save campaigns.

How Do I Get More Pre-Saves on Spotify?

Getting Spotify pre-saves is easier than ever. Through Buy Real Media, ordering pre-saves is a simple process that takes just a few minutes to complete. If you order from us, you will receive pre-saves from real people with real accounts on the platform.

We don't require any personal or sensitive information to perform this work. All we need is for you to select the number of pre-saves you would like to purchase and the link to the upcoming song or album to which you would like the pre-saves to be applied.

We offer a range of packages so our clients can find one that suits them, and we back all of our orders up with our 100% guarantee. If you are not happy with the quality of the work we provide, we are more than happy to correct the issue or refund your money.

Is It Difficult to Set Up Pre-Saves on Spotify?

While it is not a difficult process to get pre-saves on Spotify, it does require time and careful planning on the artist's part. Buy Real Media simplifies this process for our customers, offering a seamless, simple experience for customers to purchase Spotify pre-saves.

Buy Real Media has helped thousands of artists and creators on their journey to increased exposure as they work to establish their brand. If you are finding the process of setting up pre-saves overwhelming, let us take on the weight off your shoulders. You can sit back and relax as your pre-saves start flowing in.

If you want to ensure amazing success for your next music release, pre-saves are the way to go. Buy Real Media is here to make the process smooth and easy, helping you reach your professional milestones every step of the way!

Is It Safe to Pre-Save on Spotify?

Yes, the pre-save feature on Spotify is completely safe to use. When buying a pre-save campaign from us, we take care to ensure all of our pre-saves come from pre-established accounts held by real users.

Since they are coming from real accounts, Spotify will not know that you purchased them, and you will not be in violation of any rules or terms of service. No fraud, no foul! It can be difficult to find a high-quality service; many other providers will deliver pre-saves from spam accounts. This not only goes against the terms of service but also does not help the artists as it does not give any insight into the content people prefer.

Spam accounts are also often detected by the platform and deleted, leaving you with no pre-saves and none of the money you spent on them.

Why Should You Purchase Spotify Pre-Saves from Us?

The answer is simple; we provide an easy and reliable way to get pre-saves on Spotify. At Buy Real Media, our primary goal is to provide a quality service that helps our customers reach their goals.

By ordering a Spotify pre-save campaign from us, you can be confident that the result will exceed your expectations.

Buy Real Media is Your Trusted Source for Spotify Pre-Saves

In short, Spotify pre-saves are a great tool for artists to take advantage of when taking their music to the next level. While the process of setting up a Spotify pre-save campaign can be lengthy and time-consuming, we make it simple and easy. Buy Real Media is experienced in delivering high-quality pre-saves from real users and will help you to reach your next goal... and the one after that.

We understand that there is a lot of competition on platforms like Spotify, but we have proven time after time that we excel at the services we provide to our customers. Be sure to buy pre-saves from us for your upcoming song or album release to get on the path toward continued success.

Buy Real Media is a trusted source for buying services like Spotify pre-saves and guarantees customer satisfaction. We strive to provide quality services that exceed your expectations and are dedicated to helping you reach your professional milestones on platforms like Spotify.

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