Telegram was one of the first instant messaging platforms to offer interactive emoji and quick reaction options.

Now that they're finally adding message reactions, Telegram users can react to messages with emojis, themed QR codes, and more.

Using an animated emoji in post reactions is often used more frequently than the option to create themed QR codes or the other options.

Increase Your Telegram Reactions

Telegram is one of the best messaging services, but that doesn't mean that you can't make it even better by increasing your reactions in the content.

Increasing the reactions to your own messages or messages within your community can make a huge difference.

It's both easy and affordable to get more interactions when you purchase from Buy Real Media.

Benefits of Buying Telegram Reactions

While you can wait and get interactions from your friends and community naturally, there are several advantages to becoming one of our messaging clients:

  • Encourages people to comment and message you
  • Promotes more conversation in the community
  • Brings additional attention to your posts

It's also a much faster way of getting to know what kind of messages are naturally accepted among your community members.

When they see other reactions in the content, it will encourage them to also respond. You'll be able to see quickly whether they like it, hate it, etc.

Why Buy Telegram Reactions from Buy Real Media?

When you purchase from Buy Real Media, we give you full control and are committed to sending genuine reactions to you both quickly and safely. You can select the precise reactions that you want and send them to specific messages.

We know that it can become a mess if the wrong reaction shows up on your message. That's why we have a special system to make sure you get the correct reactions. You'll have access to all of the reactions including like, dislike, heart, fire, and more.

In addition, all of our high-quality services come at a reasonable price. This saves you from sending hundreds of dollars to third-party apps just to boost your interaction rate.

How to Purchase Telegram Reactions From Buy Real Media?

Buy Real Media makes buying telegram reactions to messages very simple.

Select Package Type:

Goto Buy Real Media’s Buy Telegram Reactions page. You have to select the package type. We have “One Time and Automatic Packages”. You can choose what you need.

Select your Reactions:

After that, “Select Telegram Reactions Type” you want. There are Positive reactions and Negative reactions options are available.

Select Your Posts:

Tell us which posts need reactions. You can select 30-50 posts and choose a specific reaction for each one. When you select the number of posts, you'll also need to specify how many reactions you want each post to receive.

Select Quantity:

Then select the quantity of Telegram reactions you want us to deliver.

Enter Telegram Group URL:

Next, enter the URL for your telegram group so that we can be certain that we're sending the messages to the right place. Once you've finished giving us all the required information you can enter your payment info and finish your purchase.


Can you buy Telegram reactions to your posts?

Yes. You can buy reactions on Telegram for your posts. Buy Real Media helps you to send reactions to your messages and increase the interaction rate in your group.

How much does it cost to Buy Telegram reactions?

It costs $2 USD for 25 Telegram reactions. This is the base price, so most companies either charge $2 or a slightly higher or lower amount. This makes it easy and affordable to improve your community on this instant messaging platform.

Is it safe to buy Telegram reactions?

Yes. It is safe to buy Telegram reactions. It's a good way to help people in your group interact more.

If you look at all the latest news surrounding Telegram, you know that they're always trying to update their platform. This is one of the newer additions, and our other messaging clients have greatly benefited from our reaction services.

Is buying Telegram reactions the same as buying message reactions?

Yes. Buying Telegram reactions is the same as purchasing message reactions. The people who react to messages are usually interacting with a specific message. This can be very helpful.

Can android users buy Your Telegram services?

Yes, Android users can buy our services. It is not limited to only iphones or ipad devices.

Both Android devices and Apple devices can use the message reaction option and new animated emoji effects on Telegram.

How to use quick reactions:

Double-tap on the message bubble to use your quick reactions feature.

This is just one of the new features that have been introduced to Telegram over the years, along with the "translate messages" feature and others. If you ever want to use a different quick reaction emoji, you can change it whenever you want.

What are the different types of Telegram reactions?

Telegram reactions include:

Positive reactions
Negative reactions

We offer all of these post reactions as part of our services.

How do you set your default reaction emoji?

You can use the settings in Telegram to set your quick reaction. Quick reactions allow you to choose a single reaction that will be applied to a message when you double-tap on it.

When using quick post reactions you need to make sure you're choosing relevant emoticons. The quick reaction includes only one emoji, but you can change which emoji you use by going to the chat settings/stickers and emoji. Click on "quick reaction" and choose your new emoji.

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