YouTube comments are important indicators of interest and engagement. In which case, why not simply buy YouTube comments to start the conversation?

Who Needs YouTube Comments and Why?

There are few indicators of engagement quite as compelling or convincing as comments. Leaving alike is all well and good - something we all do dozens of times a day. But it’s only when something really grabs your attention that you feel the need to comment. Consequently, content with comments is always more attractive than content with no comments whatsoever. When you see comments on YouTube, the content grabs your attention.

People have taken the time to comment on it, meaning it must have something interesting to offer. To buy custom YouTube comments can therefore be a great way of driving engagement and generating conversation.

In addition, YouTube’s algorithm takes comments into consideration. Engaging content with plenty of comments is always prioritized over content with no evidence of an interaction. This can result in your content becoming more visible, boosting the number of people who check out your videos.

Does Buying YouTube Comments Really Make a Difference?

Publishers buy comments for YouTube with a variety of objectives in mind. For some, it’s all about the power of positive PR. The more positive comments your videos accumulate, the more appealing they become. For others, the goal is to influence the YouTube indexation algorithm and boost visibility.

In both instances, buying comments can be just as effective as attracting organic comments. If the comments are legit, they have exactly the same effect. The bonus is that when you buy custom YouTube comments, you get to decide what they say. You also get to control how many comments are featured and your videos - anything from a handful to several thousand. The short answer is, therefore, yes - buying YouTube comments really can make a difference. It’s simply a case of ensuring that the comments you buy are identical to organic comments in every way.

What Are the Risks When Buying YouTube Comments?

Authentic comments from real people with active YouTube accounts are safe. They’re technically identical to organic comments in every way, apart from the fact that they are purchased. If the comments you buy are relevant to the content, well-written, and submitted by real people, they’re safe.

By contrast, spam comments of no relevance to the content are a different story entirely. Likewise, fake comments from inactive accounts should also be avoided at all costs. These are the kinds of comments YouTube can detect and remove with ease. They could also do a number on your reputation and credibility if they are seen by your target audience. Staying safe means sticking with legit comments that on 100% identical to the real thing. Unless they are real comments from real people with real YouTube accounts, they’re not worth buying.

Why Buy YouTube Comments from Buy Real Media?

Buy Real Media specializes in the highest-quality YouTube comments money can buy. Our talented team of writers provides 100% authentic comments at the lowest possible prices. Every comment we submit is meticulously checked for quality, relevance, and authenticity. We make it easy and affordable to buy as many comments as you need to achieve your objectives. Order your random YouTube comments & theme-based YouTube comments online, or call anytime to discuss placing a custom order.

Just a few of our most popular packages for YouTube publishers include:

  • 10 YouTube comments written and submitted over 1-2 working days
  • 25 YouTube comments written and submitted over 2-3 working days
  • 50 YouTube comments written and submitted over 3-4 working days
  • 100 YouTube comments written and submitted over 4-6 working days
  • 500 YouTube comments written and submitted over 7-9 working days
  • 1,000 YouTube comments written and submitted over 13-17 working days
  • 5,000 YouTube comments written and submitted over 17-25 working days

Check out our full range of products and services on the BRM website, or contact our customer support team anytime to learn more.

Buying YouTube Comments: Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our summarised FAQs for additional information on how to buy comments for YouTube videos:

Can I Buy Real YouTube Comments Online?

Yes - real YouTube comments are the only comments you should be buying. This means real comments written by real YouTube users - no spam, no fakes, and no automation.

Is Buying YouTube Comments Safe?

It is on the condition that the comments you buy are 100% legit. If they are identical to organic comments in every way and relevant to the content, they're safe.

How Does the Process Work?

Simply place your order online, and we will get to work writing relevant comments for your content right away. Alternatively, you can order custom comments and specify exactly what you want them to say.

Is There a Risk YouTube Will Close My Account?

Not at all, as the comments we sell are indistinguishable from the real thing. We exclusively provide 100% authentic comments that are identical to organic comments and just as effective.

How Much Do Authentic YouTube Comments Cost?

Full pricing information is available on the BRM website, where you can buy authentic YouTube comments starting from just $5.00.

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