Is it possible to buy YouTube Watch Time to subsequently monetize your channel? Can you pass the minimum threshold for Monetisation by buying Watch Time, or does it need to be organic?

Moreover, can you safely buy Watch Time hours without it being detected by YouTube?

Why YouTube Watch Time Matters

Some time ago, YouTube decided to rewrite the rulebook for anyone looking to monetize their videos. No longer was it simply a case of publishing content, embedding ads, and making money.

All of a sudden, you needed a minimum of 4,000 hours of cumulative Watch Time to monetize your content.

Unsurprisingly, this proved problematic for thousands of publishers worldwide, not least due to the fact that YouTube also placed new restrictions on subscriber numbers for Monetisation. To qualify for the YouTube Partner Program, at least 1,000 from within the past 12 months were required.

For smaller channels and casual publishers, this all added up to one major headache. Nevertheless, YouTube has repeatedly confirmed that Watch Time is one of its most important ranking factors. When videos are showcased and promoted by YouTube, it’s 85% to do with Views and Watch Time.

Hence, to say Watch Time is important would be something of an understatement. Without plenty of Watch Time hours, you can forget about making money on YouTube.

Does Buying Watch Time on YouTube Actually Work?

As you’d expect, YouTube has a whole bunch of systems in place to detect fake Watch Time. This means you cannot simply watch your own content on loop in order to fulfill the 4,000 hours requirement. For that matter, neither can anyone else - Watch Time needs to come from different people and legit YouTube accounts.

In turn, it is, therefore, possible to buy YouTube Watch Time to get your quota sorted. It’s simply a case of ensuring the Watch Time you buy is 100% authentic. This means real Watch Time from real accounts with real human owners. Nothing automated, nothing synthetic, and nothing that’s likely to trigger detection.

Theoretically, Watch Time can be one of the easiest ranking signals to boost on YouTube, with a strategic purchase. It can also be completely safe if you source this Watch Time from the right places.

What Do You Mean By ‘Real’ Watch Time on YouTube?

‘Real’ in this instance means Watch Time which’s identical to organic Watch Time. Somebody opens your content, watches it from start to finish, and moves on. Then somebody else does the same, and the cycle continues to boost your cumulative Watch Time hours.

With enough people watching as many of your videos as possible in full, you’re well on your way to your 4,000 hours in no time.

This is completely different from the kind of cheap and fast Watch Time hours that don’t work. Anything automated rushed or performed by bots simply doesn’t work. Likewise, Watch Time sourced from fake YouTube accounts that lack real human owners is also worthless.

Stick exclusively with real Watch Time, and you’re safe - it’s completely undetectable from organic watch time.

Why Buy YouTube Watch Time from Buy Real Media?

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by prioritizing what really matters. If you want cheap, fast, and spammy Watch Time that doesn’t work, look elsewhere. If you’d prefer 100% authentic Watch Time that’s identical to organic, you’ve come to the right place!

We exclusively utilize a hard-working manual strategy for the delivery of Watch Time. Our own experts oversee the process from start to finish in order to ensure every single hour counts towards your quota. We even back every purchase with a money-back guarantee for total peace of mind.

Our current packages of Watch Time for YouTube include the following popular options:

  • 1,000 YouTube Watch Time hours added within 3-6 working days 
  • 2,000 YouTube Watch Time hours added within 4-8 working days 
  • 3,000 YouTube Watch Time hours added within 5-10 working days 
  • 4,000 YouTube Watch Time hours added within 10-12 working days 

All we need from you is the URL of at least one of your videos that’s 120 minutes in length or more. After which, we’ll get to work delivering your Watch Time hours, and your channel could be monetized in no time!

Place your order with Buy Real Media online, or call anytime to discuss placing a custom order.

Buying Watch Time on YouTube Watch: FAQs

Learn more about how to buy Watch Time on YouTube and the potential benefits of doing so in our summarised FAQ below:

Why Do I Need Watch Time on YouTube?

You need to accumulate at least 4,000 combined hours of Watch Time to monetize your YouTube channel. This is the current minimum requirement to sign up for YouTube's Partner Program.

Why Can't I Just Watch My Own Content on Loop?

Because YouTube is smart enough to detect tactics like these and put a stop to them! You cannot watch your own videos (or have another person watch them on loop) to fulfill your Watch Time quota.

Is it Not Dangerous to Purchase Watch Time?

There's technically no risk involved, as Watch Time found to be bogus by YouTube is simply deducted from your total tally. However, this will not happen if you buy authentic Watch Time from us.

Can I Monetise My Channel as Soon as I Have 4,000 Watch Time Hours?

It is entirely up to YouTube, as decisions are based on more than Watch Time hours alone. You, therefore, need to make sure that your content and your channel, in general, are impressive enough to be taken seriously by YouTube.

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